Campus Activity Fee Referendum

Voting will take place via Tritonlink:  from April 10th to April 14th, and shall begin at 10:00 AM on the first day of voting and continue until 4:00 PM on the last day of voting. Any student or student organization may submit a request to the President of Muir College Council to write Pro or Con statements, which shall be written in accordance with the Muir College Council Bylaws and Constitution. All correspondence sent to students regarding the referendum must include the phrase "VOTE AT TRITONLINK.UCSD.EDU". To be effective, the fee referendum must be approved by a simple majority of votes to approve, with no less than 20% of eligible votes cast. The referendum shall not be approved if there are more votes cast to abstain than votes cast to approve. The proposed voting criteria are in full compliance with the John Muir College Council Bylaws and Election Code, and applicable student fee policies described in Section 18.00 of the UCSD Policies and Procedures Applying to Student Activities.


Referendum Language


Do you approve an increase in the Muir College Activity Fee by $6.00 per student per quarter, effective Fall Quarter 2017 to expand and increase student events and traditions, and increase funding for student organizations, services to students, and operations of the Muir College Council of the University of California, San Diego?


In accordance with University policies, 29% of this fee increase ($1.74) will return to UC San Diego to help meet the financial aid needs of undergraduate students.


71% of this fee increase ($4.26) will be used to expand and increase student events and traditions, and increase funding for student organizations, services to students, commissions, and operations of the Muir College Council of the University of California, San Diego. These would include, but not be limited to:

·         Developing and expanding Muir College traditions: A portion of this fee will be allocated towards development of new College Traditions as we enter the 50th anniversary of the College and expanding traditions

·         Developing College infrastructure: A portion of this fee increase will be allocated towards the renovation of existing study spaces and the potential development of new study areas for students at the college.

·         Funding to student organizations to match organization requests: A significant portion of this fee will be allocated so that student organizations may receive adequate funding to more closely match their requested amounts and increasing funding towards student media and publication funding.

·         Address increases in cost of operation: The Muir College Activity Fee has not undergone a referendum in approximately 10 years and a portion of this fee will be allocated to existing committees and organizations to help provide and account for increases in cost of services from vendors.


The Muir College Activity Fee is currently $11.00 per student per quarter. Neither the increase nor existing Muir College Activity Fee will be assessed during summer sessions.


If this fee referendum is approved and implemented, the Muir College Activity Fee would be $17.00 per student per quarter effective Fall Quarter 2017.


Statement of Conditions:

1.     This fee will be included in the determination of financial aid.

2.     Annual budget reports will be made public and provided online.

3.     Modifications to this fee may not be made without a subsequent student referendum held in accordance with the appropriate student governmental and University policies unless other means are explicitly provided in this ballot language.


YES                           ________


NO                             ________


ABSTAIN                  ________


Pro Statement

The John Muir College activity fee has been $11 since 2009. Since then, Muir has expanded in students and the number of organizations, -all which have a growing set of needs. Muir proudly hosts the greatest number of student organizations of any college which translates to high student involvement here at UC San Diego.

In order to keep up with increasing requests and costs, and to maintain the Muir quality that we have come to love, a rise in the activity fee is a necessary action. In this past year, Muir College Council fully exhausted its income, and most of its reserves, funding student activities and programs. Without this increase, there would likely have to be a 20% reduction in funding across the board for student organizations and reduced spending on other Muir activities which is an action that student leaders do not want to take.

An expansion of the Muir College activity fee would allow Muir to maintain the current level of funding as well as help increase the quality of legacy events (e.g. JMC Week, Muirstock, Welcome Week, and Muir Musical). Muir College will have the ability to create new traditions as Muir celebrates its 50th Anniversary and beyond.

If passed, 29% of the activity fee will go back to financial aid, that will help students pay for this fee increase. This activity fee increase will help strengthen our community by better serving our students. Being part of Muir is an important experience we all share. Vote yes on this referendum to ensure that all Muir students receive quality events and activities.

Con Statement

Despite recent restrictions to its budget, Muir College Council has managed to fund Muir student organizations up to this point. With responsible management of the budget, Muir College Council and student organizations can continue to operate without this referendum passing.

This referendum comes at a time when UCSD students are consistently being asked to pay more fees such as the tuition increase, UCEN Referendum, D1 Referendum, and HDH’s price increase. Education is extremely expensive, and we are already paying numerous fees to the University. There is limited transparency on how student organizations spend their money. Additionally, the events and activities currently funded by the Muir Activity Fee are not exclusively for Muir students, nor benefits all Muir students.

The proposed $6 increase over-estimates the amount needed to maintain the current Muir activities and student organizations. Muir College currently has the second highest activity fee out of all the colleges at $11 per quarter, second only to Sixth at $11.12 per quarter, and passing this referendum would make our activity fee the highest across campus.